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 Experience a world of flavor, healthy food and a fun menu. What makes our burritos so good? The secret's the saute. We start with the freshest ingredients, flame broil the meats and seafood and  then saute them to order with a selection of sauces and spices. Our amazing sauces include traditional favorites as well as more exotic fare. Choosing your specific combination of meats, veggies, spices and sauces is very simple - we've got it all laid out easily for you to choose from. Gather the tastiest ingredients including fresh vegetables and succulent meats, saute to order with savory sauces and spices, and what's the result? A meal that's simply Mmmmarvelous! 

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 "Everything I've had on the menu is very tasty."

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 "The Cajun chicken quesadilla here is really really good. Thai chicken isn't bad either. "

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